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Instructions for Presentations download : Instructions for presentations

LUX EUROPA 2022 Presentation Template Presentation template for download.


1. Submission form: Full-text papers can be submitted only by completing the online form available here: https://form.jotform.com/220943897774372.  

2. Formatting: IEEE template must be used and IEEE formatting principles must be followed to compose and style the full-text papers. Detailed guidance and short example of well-formatted paper is embedded in the template. The IEEE template in word format (*.docx) is accompanied to this document and it can be downloaded from the conference website, the section for authors. (Template for download.)

3. Length of paper: Minimum length is 4 pages and maximum length is 8 pages including the formal parts. Minimum length is specified to ensure that the paper has enough substance to deserve inclusion in the databases.

4. Language: The paper must be submitted in English only.

5. Contents: It is recommended to obey the standard structure of scientific papers and organize the paper in sub-sections such as introduction, background, motivation, objectives, methods, results, discussion and conclusions. In abstract give only a conscise description of the paper, do not copy-paste the extended version of abstract which has been submitted in the earlier stage.

6. Ban of advertisement: Any references to products, advertisement or even direct marketing are strictly forbidden. Note that the paper may be rejected if not adhering to this requirement! Approved PR Technical Papers are excepted for references to products or services but direct advertisement and marketing are still under ban.

7. Submission: Full-text papers sent other way than through the online submission system will not be accepted. Filled-in and signed copyright agreement form must be uploaded together with the full-text paper. The form is accompanying this document and it can be downloaded also from the conference website.

8. Deadline: The deadline for submission is June 15, 2022 at 24:00 CEST and for the corrected version, if this is applicable, July 15, 2022 at 24:00 CEST.


For approval of the full-text papers a review by the Programme Committee will take place. The reviewers will judge whether a paper complies with all requirements, conforms to the accepted abstract, meets the quality criteria, is properly formatted and has no marketing features. The reviewers can accept papers without changes, request improvements/rework or reject a paper.

If rework is needed, authors are requested to prepare corrected version of their paper and submit it using the same submission form as above (under the same link) indicating that the submission is corrective. Reviewers will judge the paper again and finally decide on acceptation.

Notification of approval (or disapproval) by the Programme Committee will be mailed to the presenting author.


Authors are encouraged to register via the online registration system by the early-bird registration deadline (June 15, 2022). Failure to register by the presenting author by September 10, 2022 (the standard registration deadline) will automatically imply that the presentation will not be included in the final programme. If the original presenting author is unable to present the paper, it is his responsibility to ensure that one of the co-authors takes over this role. Failure to present the paper for other than well-founded reasons will lead to rejection of abstracts submitted at the next Lux Europa Conference. Registration fee for the presenting authors will not be waived.

Terms and Conditions associated with submission of full-text papers are available as part of the submission form on the web link above.


  15 June 2022

  Submission of full-text papers

  15 July 2022

  Submission of corrected papers

  10 September 2022

  Submission of presentations


For any questions regarding the submission of abstracts, full-text papers, presentations and services for authors, please contact:

  Slovenská svetelnotechnická spoločnosť
  Ilkovičova 3
  812 19 Bratislava
  Slovak Republic

  Person in charge for authors:
  Peter Janiga
  +421 904 972 150


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