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On behalf of the organizers, Czech Lighting Society jointly with the Slovak Lighting Society, we are pleased to invite You to participate in the 14th European lighting conference LUX EUROPA 2022 which will be held from 20th to 22nd September 2022 in Prague – capital city of Czechia, cultural centre of middle Europe and an attractive touristic destination.

Aim of the conference is to present the newest scientific and professional knowledge and achievements in the field of light and lighting with emphasis on regionally specific problems of the European countries. State-of-the-art in lighting technology will be intermediated by reputable experts, who will share with You results of their latest work and recent professional experience. The conference will provide space for broad discussion, overview of modern and progressive lighting products, establishment of new business contacts and strengthen those existing. Manufacturers and trading companies will have opportunity to present their products, services and solutions.

Motto of the conference is „Lighting at the Dawn of the New Era“. Standing at the begin of the decade and looking towards new post-pandemic horizons, the conference would like to highlight key topics of today’s lighting such as:

  • LED lighting technology developments
  • new approaches to daylighting of buildings
  • human centric and integrative lighting
  • utilization of optical radiation to support living organism
  • germicidal radiation in cope with COVID-19 Information
  • specific lighting applications indoors and outdoors
  • dynamic, adaptive and smart lighting
  • photometry and colorimetry
  • environmental aspects of antropogenic lighting
  • increasing energy efficiency of lighting systems
  • lighting education and professional training

The conference is intended for wider professional audience comprising lighting engineers, electrical engineers, architects, civil engineers – working as lighting designers, traders, suppliers, retailers, investors, implementers, researchers etc.

Social part of the conference will comprise boat trip on the Vltava river exhibiting touristic highlights of the Prague and gala dinner featuring traditional Czech folklore. We are also preparing an attractive programme for accompanying persons.

The conference LUX EUROPA 2022 is an ideal opportunity to learn something new, to meet colleagues and to establish new acquaintances. Book in Your calendar, we are looking forward to see You in Prague!

Dionýz Gašparovský
President of the Council Lux Europa
Co-chairman of the Organization Team
Tomáš Novák
Chairman of the Organization Team

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